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  • Carolyn Hudson

What's Awesome for 2023?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Welcome back, and we hope you enjoyed a lovely Winter break.

A New Year - New Customers and some lovely New Projects to kick start 2023 - and keep the Awesome Team working flat out right through the first and second quarter...

So what have we got in the Awesome Workshop?

The wonderful emerald green, electrified Lotus Elite is almost ready for the off... and is looking every bit the star of the show. Heading back to London soon, this has been another great collaboration with our friends over at #questbrothersclassiccars

The fantastic green, orange and black tartan fabric, and super bright orange leather design will make for a simple Awesome photo shoot!

Follow us on Instagram to be the first to see...

Bright colours seem to be a theme, as the most unusual vehicles continue to roll in...

And as part of a private growing collection from one of our VIP clients, this American beauty is also coming in to the Awesome HQ for the full works very soon....

A fantastic example of a 1937 Cord 812 SC Sportsman Convertible Coupe

Finally, a quick update on the two VW T2 campers, Henry and Busby - having shared a winter break in the Awesome Workshop, we are delighted to note that their body colours are very much on trend with this year's Classics!

Busby is pictured left and Henry below!

What a handsome pair...

What an exciting way to start the New Year - it's all rather Awesome really!

Don't forget to get in touch with your project ideas for 2023! And follow us on socials, as each interior begins to POP - so will the Photos...

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