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Tremendous T2 Headed Home...

When Type 2 owner, Tony, happened to be working nearby, he spotted our Awesome signage and came over to discuss how we could help with the interior of his 1975 T2 VW camper restoration.

Following those initial discussions, Tony drove the T2 to us, on a trailer, all the way from his home in Wales - the current interior was certainly ready for a facelift.

First up we stripped the whole interior back to the metal.  there were as Tony remarked, a few rusty surprises...

But we love a blank canvas, and boy, once the strip out was complete this the epitome of blank!

Literally, everything came out, including windows, dash, dilapidated seating and steering wheel. The interior body needed attention, much of the woodwork needed to be replaced and there was welding to be done to some of the seats, along with some spring repairs and replacements - It became apparent pretty quickly we were in this for a long haul.

Of course, the base works were going to take some time, but this was critical before the creative element could commence, and the electrics could be upgraded, including LED lighting.

Tony had prepared detailed drawings of his design and we worked with him to ensure every detail was considered and incorporated. The outcome needed to be more than just a showstopping interior: This interior needed to deliver on all fronts - making this a fun, family-friendly, and future-proofed adventure bus.

So that's exactly what we did... We created an interior that will turn heads, and attract attention, whilst ensuring a gloriously comfortable and cosy space for year-round enjoyment.

Here we go curtains up - eyes front, and a round of applaud for this dash!

Greg, our wonderful Creative Director, created this beautiful dashboard, complimented by this brand-new retro steering wheel.

Totally Awesome isn't it?

And now to the rear... featuring a perfectly choreographed chill area for daytime lounging which quickly transforms to a super comfy sleep-area with the addition of a brand new rock n roll bed.

Opting for this fantastic off-white, soft-touch, matt, automotive vinyl with contrasting chocolate suede-effect seat centres, makes for a clean design that is as sharp, as it is stylish.

Not only are the seating and interior panels warm to the touch, but these materials are also highly durable for whatever adventures they face. Tony and his family debated over choosing the sumptuous chocolate suede, or a tan version, from the same collection:

There's no doubt their final choice was the right one.

What an absolute joy! Enjoy the adventures ahead Tony and family - oh, and huge thanks for the 5-star review! It's been a blast...

Awesome VW interior!

Awesome by name and certainly an awesome result. Starting with ideas, sketches, and samples discussed over coffee, the full interior of my 1975 VW T2 camper became better than I imagined. These guys took the interior from bare metal (and a few rusty surprises!) to a unique and complete interior with an attention to detail. A great experience from beginning to end and I’d recommend Awesome for any project.

Date of experience: 15 March 2024

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