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Resolutions for refreshing auto interiors...

I love hitting the New Year with a fresh appetite for a better version of... well almost everything - Ever the optimist! Most people set resolutions to live a better lifestyle, eat a better diet... But it also seems there's an appetite for refreshing your car interiors amongst this New Year resolutions lists!

It's true, we have been in the media a lot lately - but the number of owners who have been in touch to ask how we can refresh, rejuvenate, or completely retrim their interiors - Honestly - it is literally Awesome!

Ever thought about adding some personality, or adding a little zhuzh to your interior?

From swapping out the seat centres for a luxe perforated leather, adding some accents of Alcantara or some pretty super stitchwork? We can create an interior that is all your own.

And not only does this add value in terms of the look and appeal, it also adds value when you come to sell...

A taste of what is possible, just to whet your appetite...

A little can go a long way... so whether it's a full retrim you're after, or a little zhuzhing to rejuvenate... Don't drool - let's chat!

Get it touch and lets see how we can make your interior more Awesome for 2024.

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