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Looking back at some of the most Awesome works of 2023…

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

What a variety of vehicles we've seen through our Workshop this year; from prestigious Porsches to an award-winning Wolseley, Rolls Royce's, one with star spangled backstories, and always a Bentley, or three!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed the attention our interiors are getting – from sweeping up awards, to being featured on the front page of Classic Porsche magazine – issue 99. And if you pick up a copy this months Classic Porsche you can read a feature on the Awesome business! And the media buzz doesn't stop there, a precious pair Porsche 944 seats are being featured in the next issue of 911 & Porche World - So fill your boots and read all about us!

Campers continue to keep us busy, particularly throughout the cooler months. A classic VW T2 arrived last week wearing nothing more than bare metal - by March it will be fully retrimmed in chocolate and light cream... to see how this unfolds follow us on Instagram @awesomeautotrim

And last, but by no means least, we have seen a growing fascination for late 80's fast cars, not just from one of our most prolific collectors but across the board - Boyracers are back in town!

And here it is... a quick run through of our faves from 2023... Enjoy!

High performance cars ...

The year began with a bright start when we worked on a show-stopper of an interior for a Lotus Elite – working with our friends at questbrothersclassiccars Still a personal favourite - I love the daring choice of tartan and orange! Picture below centre.

Above left - Full retrim of this wonderful Porsche 964 - We were thrilled to read the first line of the review, describing our work - Visually this is a knockout 964'! Read the full story Front Page Porsche News... (

The 964 interior inspired another Porsche project – a stunning 911 that has undergone a full restoration – We have worked with our clients to create a stunning interior that sits so perfectly with the new bodywork and incorporates the wonderful handwoven leather. Currently the 911 is with our pals at PIE Performance but will be returning to us in the New Year, before going onward to the talented team at Electric Classic Cars for a full EV fit out.

And above right shows this phenomenal 1978 Mk1 Porsche 928 - A full-on WOW interior - It is looking perfect in Pasha, coupled with soft black leather – a real stunner! All ready to be handed back to its owner, our American client, Adam, on Boxing Day! The big reveal and full photos shoot will follow after the festivities.

And with part retrims and interior refreshes, alongside full retrims, the Porsche parade has just kept rolling for Awesome this year! With plenty more booked to come over in 2024!

Classic classics...

Classic cars mean different things to different customers, and we have enjoyed creating and restoring interiors in Rolls Royce and Bentley this year as well as this rather gorgeous triple award-winning Wolsey 21HP interior.

Pictured below centre, you can read all about the retrim and the cars interesting journey through life: An Award Winning Interior for this Wolseley 21HP (

On its first trip out after the new interior was completed, we were super excited to hear that the Wolseley scooped up the awards - not just once, but thrice!

When our friends at Daniel Moore Rolls Royce and Bentley mentioned a Silver Dawn with a famous past owner, we were delighted to book it into the Awesome Workshop. The present owner wanted to preserve the patina of the original interior, so we cleaned, softened and restored the colour of the leather… Pictured above left.

Read all about our work on this one and the cars interesting history: Dirk Bogart's former Silver Dawn is here... (

The photo above right demonstrates our capabilities in restoration and preservation which is better explained in this feature: How far to go with your interior retrim... ( and see more examples on instagram @awesomeautotrim

Boy Racers are back in a big way....

At the other end of the classic car market, we have all been enjoying the interest in Boy-Racer cars from the late 80’s and early 90’s cars skyrocket! One of our favourite (and frequent!) customers has a fantastic collection.  From fantastic Ford Escort RS Turbo to Mk1 Golf GTi, an Astra GTE and even a Renault 5GTi to name just a few: We raise a toast to you Mike for being such a loyal customer, yet again, this year! 😉

The conceit for this collection is to find rare, low mileage examples of late 80's fast cars. The cars come to us for a thorough restoration, including repairs, deep cleaning and replacing damaged parts to the otherwise original interior. The glorious Astra GTE Turbo, pictured above, left and centre, was treated to the full Awesome overhaul, so when the vehicle went into storage, it was as fresh as the day it was first registered! Just a very few examples of vehicles in this category that we've worked on this year- just too many wonderful stories to tell...

The latest arrival of a similar genre, is a very rare Citroen CX25 GTi. Ebay was the hunting ground for this absolute beast! Restoration and preparation for its new interior are underway. More news in the New Year on that one too.

That's all for now folks - apart from to wish you all heartfelt winter wishes, packed with festive spirit and all the very best for a splendid New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Awesome Team - Greg, Glenn, Phil, Mark and of course me!

And here's a cheers to 2024!

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