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Front Page Porsche News...

Love it when your work is on the cover of a magazine? Of course! Who wouldn't?

Well as the article starts... 'Visually this is a knockout 964'!

When this Turkish Blue Backdated 964 Carrera 4 Targa arrived at Awesome HQ it was certainly packed with promise - but the real delight for us was in creating this very unique interior. The 964 came to us after extensive works by our friends at stuttgartclassica_uk - read all about it in the article.

As the feature reveals the owner, Danny, gave the green light to most of the suggestions made throughout this whole project - and, thankfully, when it came to the interior there was no exception.

For the main body of the seating a soft-touch, contemporary leather from the Vele collection, was selected in a lovely tone, aptly named Bourneville. To add a unique accent of rich texture this was paired with a wonderful handwoven leather for the seat centres. This combination made for truly stunning design, which is soft, warm and very striking - but importantly also highly durable.

Here at Awesome we are committed to producing the highest quality car interiors, where a 'one-size-fits-all' approach is definitely never on the cards!

If you are considering a retrim, something unique, a back to original, or a partial retrim to make your interior sing - the best place to start is by giving us a call.

For your copy of Classic Porsche Magazine - Issue 99 - Oct 23 Subscriptions | Pocketmags or pick up a copy today from your local newsagent.

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