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An Award Winning Interior for this Wolseley 21HP

This super 1938 Wolseley 21HP is one of only nine remaining, boasting a rich history and, even in our Awesome world, it is a rare opportunity to work on such a special vehicle.

This is what we started with...

A traditional approach and unrivalled levels of detail were imperative, so Creative Director, Greg and the team, utilised all the skills and techniques that would have been used in the original build, to create a super-stunning result, and an Award-Winning interior!

This was always set to be a labour intensive project, but also one of pure joy, and a great sense of pride and preservation throughout.

Trusted suppliers and experts in this field, Colbrook Specialists had woven magic on the bodywork and under the bonnet – now it was our turn to create a whole different magic, on the interior. Designs were agreed, leathers chosen and the work began...

The finest rich brown Connolly Hide made for a perfect choice, ready for the flutes and folds to take this beauty back to its former glory days.

We are delighted and full of pride with the finished interior... and we aren't the only ones!

Present Wolseley owner, Steve Grimes, pictured with the lovely @sarah_crabtreee from Bangers and Cash and @evoke.classics enjoying the interior at the Wolseley Car event, at Brooklands Museum. This was the Wolseley's first trip out after leaving Awesome HQ in late July 2023.

The Wolseley 21HP scooped three awards at the event, including “Car of the Show” - “Overall Concours” and “ Best in its Class”.

To create a fully bespoke interior for a coach-built car, that is 85 years old is really very special: To have it recognised as Award Winning – three times over - that is nothing less than utterly Awesome!

Want to know more about the Wolseley's history?

Registered on 20th July 1938, the Wolseley 21HP was ordered by Sir Edward Cave of Sidmouth House, in Devon. In the history file, Sir Edwards son recalls sitting next to his father driving down the new Exeter bypass at 80mph before the outbreak of the war.

In April 1947 the Wolseley was sold to its second owner with a minimal mileage recorded. The car had a sheltered life, until its fourth owner, John Brindley, purchased the car in 1976. John was the Life Time Vice President of the Wolseley Owners Club and owned a large number of Wolseley cars, and the 21HP was well known to be his favourite car.

The engine was rebuilt at 73,404 miles, along with a new clutch, and re-wire, with a new master brake cylinder. The prestigious WOL 21 registration number was bought to grace the car and John attached a tow bar so that he could tow his 1940's Eccles caravan to car events.

Sadly in 2000 John had a stroke and could no longer drive and the car stood in the family garage for 23 years, when our client, Steve, purchased the car. In wonderful structural and mechanical condition, the car has now been re-painted, where necessary, and re-chromed, and of course treated to a fantastic new interior retrim! The Wolseley 21HP is now recording 84,500 miles on the clock.

What a wonderful journey... and may there be many more years of joy ahead - Thank you Steve for trusting Awesome to create the new interior and breathe new life into this beautiful vehicle.

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