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  • Carolyn Hudson

How far to go with your interior retrim...

Whether you have one pride and joy - or a fleet of fantastic vehicles, what you want is the best that your budget can buy. Budget is not a dirty word. In fact, in our business, it's the bedrock to determine what's the right approach for each project.

The types of cars we see through our workshop vary in style, value, and taste - quite tremendously... and what we have found is that there it's not a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

Take this stunning Mk6 Bentley Hooper that we are currently working on, in collaboration with Daniel Moore Associates. She is being treated to the very finest in bespoke auto-retrim, using prized Connolly Leather and traditional techniques to completely retrim this elegant classic. The labour-intensive craftsmanship and high-end leather are truly befitting for such a prestigious vehicle.

Another valued client, Mike from Cambridgeshire, has a very different collection of cars. His latest addition is a stunning Sierra RS Cosworth, that's just arrived at our Workshop. Mike's collection focuses on fast, performance cars, like the Astra GTE which arrived with highly polished paintwork but a very jaded interior. We set to work to deliver a 'back-to-original' interior: Re-foaming, cleaning, reconolising and repairing what could be saved: Retrimming the parts that couldn't be.

Whatever your budget, we have a solution... It could be an all-out approach, or it could be a case of some minor compromises to bring the job in on budget. Sometimes minor detailing can add unnecessary hours to the project. A few small tweaks can mean you get the look you want for a price that suits.

Investing in cars whether your passion is for a Porsche, a Bentley, a Cobra or a Cosworth, the 'one-size-fits-all' is definitely not the way we work...

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