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Quick Christmas Round Up - 2021

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

What a year! And as we head towards the season to be jolly, a bit of reflection... Well it is pretty much a tradition!

It’s fair to say it’s been a year of fabulous projects, proud moments, unrivalled fun and the lightest sprinkling of frustration – but all in the pursuit of delivering the most perfect outcomes time and time again.

We have enjoyed seeing Ferraris, Daimlers, Defenders, Bentleys, and Rolls – With many a Porsche passing through the workshop this year.

Each arriving with jaded interiors and making a proud exit, rejuvenated by a top-class retrim.

We have created new seating and sun-lounger’s for boats, as well as a part retrim on a beautiful yacht!

And without going in search, we still take on some lovely domestic projects, from antique chairs to hand-made sofas; we have treated some retro Ercol to a lovely new look and made one customer shed a tear when he saw what we had achieved to two sentimental pieces of vintage furniture!

Every day is different, and every day is wonderful in its own sweet way!

2021 has definitely been a year of Awesome Campervans, as we continue to reconsider how we holiday, it seems many of us have decided to invest in our motorised ‘home-from-homes’.

We have worked on some fabulous vintage VW T2’s– some of which have been a treated to a full make over – others have enjoying part retrims, from fresh carpets and new seating to funky new dash and door cards.

Motorhomes too have been a common sight at Rookery Waters, again from full retrims to part revamp – our approach means we work with our clients, to give just the right level of reworking or if it's what's wanted, a full retrim - with all the bells and whistles…

I have too many favourite projects from this year –

But if I had to choose one single project it would be the little vintage Fiat Jolly that came to us in a poor unloved state… Arriving on a trailer in September, the brief was as simple as bring it back to life!

6 weeks later and the Fiat was fantastic again. Leaving Awesome HQ to head back to Neale Haynes London Studio. Neale is a highly regarded British Photographer and film maker – if you haven’t already, follow him on socials – you will recognise his work immediately. Neale has a stock of props which he uses in his work and this little addition will soon be seen when he finds a very special subject to pair it up with! The Fiat Jolly was a really exciting one, totally different and totally wonderful!

And Neale – thanks for adding to our growing number of 5 Star reviews on trust pilot… it was a delight from start to finish!

So to round up the round up - Its been an AWESOME year - and there's another one already in the wings for 2022 - To all our clients, past present and future HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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