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Let's get this Awesome Blog started then.

For a while now I've been putting off the idea to start a Blog. Not because of the effort required to begin one, but I guess the added pressure of starting it and then finding it difficult to keep on top of it while managing some of our other social media accounts. I guess I didn't want to just begin one to tick the box, only for it to then become stagnant and then even worse than not having one. But things change, and having done some research and looked at our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook content, it has become apparent that there is an element to what we do, and some of the discussions we have behind the scenes that people would also find fascinating. To enable and encourage me to then kick start our Blog, we also now have Carolyn who joined us back in November 2020. Carolyn is our fantastic office manager, who will also be helping me fill our Blog with alternative Awesome information, news and topics for discussion. There are so many stories attached to some of our past and present social media posts too, which is going to be great to share in a more in depth way through our Blog. We are also excited to receive your input too on our posts, and also your feedback especially when we have products or new materials to demonstrate. News will break on our Blog first, so you will get to view and comment here ahead of the news being pushed onto our mainstream social media channels. Here we are then our first Blog, and do you know what... I'm so excited and glad it has begun. Thanks for reading, Cheers Glenn Ward.


View of the Rookery Waters Cafe on the left and our Awesome HQ on the right.

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