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  • Carolyn Hudson

Fresh start for this beauty...

Awesome already has some great links in Wales with our friends at #electricclassiccars but this week we have gained a great new #welsh connection – The rare opportunity to work on a Gilbern Invader.

Gilbern Sports Cars Ltd was a Welsh car manufacturer from 1959 to 1973.

Once described rather poetically as ‘Gilberns last gasp’ the Invader was the final car to roll off the production line. Introduced in July 1969, with a Mk II launched ‘71 and a Mk III in ’72 there were less than 500 Gilbern Invaders ever to be produced.

One such was sold to a delighted Mr. Cooke of Cambridgeshire: Fast forward 33 years and that very same car was gifted from father to son. Restoration plans began for Jason @gilbern74 in 2006 – a labour of love and dedication no doubt. However of course life, as he put it, hampered progress and the restoration has had to be put on hold at times along the way.

15 years on and this beauty is now ready for its final makeover: A full interior retrim.

It was just a couple of weeks ago that Jason got in touch to ask if we would be interested in working with him to create a custom interior. We read the story, saw the photos and - well suffice to say, we were all sold!

The Awesome Team are thrilled to have been commissioned to create a very special and unique interior. A truly Awesome project! Thanks Jason!

Over the next few weeks guys, you can be sure we will be updating the progress on social media! Let’s start with a few images of where we are to date… Then with some cracking design ideas, an eye for detail and plenty of hard work we will show you an Awesome finale in the coming weeks.

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