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All around us...

All around us at this time of year we hear about Turtle Doves, French Hens, Pipers Piping - and even Gold Rings! We haven't had much in the way of Maids-a-Milking or indeed Swans-a-Swimming but none-the-less at Awesome HQ we have had a fantastic year - so I hope you will enjoy a quick roundup of some of the most memorable moments...

No Partridges in Pear Tree's - but several Porsche have passed through across the year. From Carrera's and 911's to Targa's and a very rare and secret one - each enjoying everything from the full works to partial retrimming.

This Targa is a fine example, and looking fully festive in Red!

No Turtle Doves either, but a whole host of Type2 VW Campers have been to stay... From the beautiful Westfalia that enjoyed everything from new wiring to a completely new interior, including a fab new kitchen and trendy sisal matting in the front cabin...

We also gave George a new dash intime for festival season last summer and right now Henry is spending his Christmas in the Awesome Workshop. Much adored, Henry was originally from London, but now resides happily in Bedfordshire. He is with us for a while whilst we give him a full custom retrim!

And then there's the late arrival of Busby from Manchester, also in for some major custom trimming and of course to share festivities with Henry...

The Geese have all flown, but the wonderful Gilbern Invader did pop back in to the Workshop for final roof-lining adjustments, after the Sunroof was refitted! Safely tucked away again now until the warmer weather.

And with several beautiful Bentleys and some very regal Rolls being treated to an Awesome retrim this year , I have no doubt there will be at least Ten Lords-a-Leaping, not to mention an unknown amount of Ladies Dancing with delight! The whole team worked on this one... and we feel so full of pride that if we had some swans - they most definitely would be swimming!

And Hot News: another Bentley booking confirmed today.... Hurrah!

To finish up, a bit about the team that is Awesome: We are a small, but very talented team and totally devoted to the mantra - Where there's a will - there's a way!

Mark joined us back in June and has become a tremendous asset to the Awesome Team. He will be enjoying a well earned rest with his family over the festive period.

Glenn, similarly will be enjoying time with his family, keeping everyone well fed and watered, not to mention entertained - Like any decent Operations Director should.

Our dear Phil is spending his first Christmas as a newly wed with his lovely wife Claire!

And Greg (the most creative a Creative Director can be) is spending his last Christmas as an 'unmarried man' as he and the lovely Amanda make plans to tie the knot next year.

I count that as 4 Gold Rings to the team!

As for me... Well I'm going eat, drink and be merry! Put my feet up and not think of cars, campers or classic and custom interiors! Not until NEXT YEAR anyways!

Hope whatever you are doing you all have a lovely Christmas Holiday and a happy and healthy 2023... Very best wishes from us all - Carolyn

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